Registering on the Central Supplier Database

28 Sep 2015

On 1 September 2015 the Government's Central Supplier Database was launched by the Minister of Finance Mr Nhlanhla Nene. The idea behind the Central Supplier Database is to centralise supplier's data to simplify Government's procurement processes. It also aims to reduce costs to both Government as well as Suppliers to Government.


10 ways to do Enterprise Development

21 Sep 2015

Enterprise Development is one of the most current buzz phrases in South Africa at the moment. Everybody from Government to Large Corporates to SMME’s must either perform Enterprise Development or must be the beneficiary of Enterprise Development.


Joint Ventures - important tool in the Tender Process

14 Sep 2015

By Werner van Rooyen

14 September 2015


The 3 Principles of Tenders in South Africa

7 Sep 2015

By Werner van Rooyen

7 September 2015

Tenders in South Africa are based on three principles:

  1. Functionality
  2. Price
  3. B-BBEE



Tenders explained

31 Aug 2015

Each day hundreds of tenders are being advertised but we often only hear about those where things have gone wrong or where the concept has been abused. It gives ‘Tenders’ a stink it doesn’t deserve. In today’s blog, we look at what exactly a tender is.


Code of good practice is causing confusion

24 Aug 2015

The government is committed to break the barriers that have been hindering small companies from winning tenders. One of the biggest challenges for small companies was the red tape that often would hinder their tender success.


Tips on formats for successful tender presentation

17 Aug 2015

Tender responses have to be as informative as possible without affecting the legibility. In today’s blog, we discuss a format of what we consider to be a winning strategy. Adhering to this strategy will ensure that you will include all the necessary details required.


Important Evaluations Before Responding to a Tender

10 Aug 2015

Although bidding for a tender can be attractive, not all tenders will suit your criteria, experience and expertise. It is not wise to quickly jump into responding to any tender that you come across. An objective decision must be made as to whether or not to bid for a tender.


Basic tips that cannot to be overlooked

5 Aug 2015

Tendering requires careful planning and thinking before putting together a comprehensive bid. However, in the process of paying much attention to details, the basics can easily be forgotten. In this blog we discuss some basics that should always be considered.


Tendering Committees and their roles

22 Jun 2015

The Evaluation Committee