7 security features when registering on the Central Supplier database

11 Jan 2016

At the moment the hottest topic in the South African tender environment is the Central Supplier Database (CSD). If you want to do business with the South African Government in the near future you will have to register.


Central Supplier database versus vendor registration

4 Jan 2016

As you know the Government has launched the Central Supplier Database on 1 September 2015. One of the purposes is "the establishment of a Central Supplier Database (CSD) that will result in one single database to serve as the source of all supplier information for all spheres of government.


Tender scoring and tender fraud

14 Dec 2015

Article by Werner van Rooyen

We are frequently asked if there is a possibility that some tenders are awarded fraudulently. The short answer is no.


The difference between Supplier and Enterprise Development

2 Dec 2015

The Amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice came into effect on 1 May 2015. This means that any business that has a turnover of more than R10 million per annum and that participates in B-BBEE will have to comply with these Amended Codes.


4 Requirements for Start-ups

23 Nov 2015

In the tender process it is essential that an enterprise has experience in the industry that it wants to tender in. In fact, the more experience the enterprise has, the better its chances of being awarded a tender.


Am I ready to tender?

16 Nov 2015

During the past week it has become clear that there is this misconception that if you have a registered business you are ready to tender. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Business people assume that if they have a registered company, a tax clearance certificate and a B-BBEE certificate they are bound to be successful in responding to tenders.


Tenders and Fraudulent Documents

9 Nov 2015

Last week we attended a briefing session of the National Department of Health. These briefing sessions are always interesting, specifically those requesting the supply of pharmaceutical products. These products are very specialized and only companies with the correct credentials can actually respond to these tenders.


Three Challenges to Starting a Business to Tender

3 Nov 2015

Every day the average business owner faces different challenges in the tender process. Several challenges keep on repeating themselves over and over again especially when you are a start-up business or if you opened a company with the specific intention to respond to tenders. These challenges are:

1. Experience


3 unforgivable mistakes when responding to a Bid

26 Oct 2015

We had the privilege to be part of an Evaluation committee for a Government Entity that put out an Invitation to Bid. The Bid was for a fairly technical service and therefor the response to the bid was poor. In fact there were only ten responses to the Invitation to Bid.


How to Register on the Central Supplier Database

19 Oct 2015



Title Closing Date Tender No.
George: Bus Depot: Extension of Bus Parking. 2017-12-12 11:00 S105/ 17
Supply, delivery, installation and maintenance of IT Servers for Frere Hospital, Buffalo City Metro, East London, Eastern Cape Department of Health. 2017-12-08 11:00 SCMU3- 17/ 18- 0027: FRE
Grabouw: Hottentotsholland Nature Reserve: Landroskop Road Upgrade Phase 2 2017-12-12 11:00 S106/ 17
Supply of Various Papers, Boards to the Government Printing Works, 149 Bosman Street, Pretoria for a period of three years commencing 01 February 2018 and terminating 31 January 2021. 2018-01-15 11:00 GPW- C 21
Maintenance services of the wireless network cabling for head offices (Bhisho and King William’s Town), Eastern Cape, Department of Health, for a period of thirty-six (36) months. 2017-12-19 11:00 SCMU3- 17/ 18- 0224: FRE
Full Service of Electrical Medical Voltage Switch Gear & Transformer in the Hospital 2017-12-01 11:00 ZNQ 197 / 2017/ 2018
Supply and delivery of IT equipment for the implementation of Skype for business at three head office boardrooms, Eastern Cape Department of Health. 2017-12-19 11:00 SCMU3- 17/ 18- 0223: HO
Supply of various PVC Materials to the Government Printing Works, 149 Bosman Street, Pretoria for a period of three years commencing 01 February 2018 and terminating 31 January 2021. 2018-01-15 11:00 GPW- C 22
Supply and deliver Sutures Different Types and Sizes 2017-12-01 11:00 ZNQ 209/ 2017/ 2018
Full Service of Lillipuit Systems in the Clinics list is attached 2017-12-01 11:00 ZNQ 198 / 2017/ 2018
The supply, delivery & installation of unified threat management (UTM) proxy appliance including technical support services for KZN Department of Health: Information Technology: once off with 3 year support and maintenance. 2017-12-18 11:00 ZNB 9596/ 2017- H
The appointment of service providers to deliver and install the copier machines for the presidency for (3 ) years for Cape Town and Pretoria. 2017-12-18 11:00 PO 2017/ 18 : 009
Design, Supply, Installation and Comissioning of a new Desalination Plant on Robben Island 2018-01-22 12:00 CDC/ 378/ 17
The appointment of service providers to supply and deliver stationery or office consumables for a period of three years. 2017-12-18 11:00 PO 2017/ 18 : 001
Office space for body storage, autopsy room and administration office for the period of 9 months at Vryheid CBD area from 01/01/2018 to 30/09/2018 2017-12-05 11:00 ZNQ134/ 2017- 2018
Supply of Wooden Pallets and Various Corrugated Boxes (Folded and Unfolded) to the Government Printing Works, 149 Bosman Street, Pretoria for a period of three years commencing 01 February 2018 and terminating 31 January 2021. 2018-01-15 11:00 GPW- C 23
Supply and delivery of fingerprint powders, powder suspensions, fingerprint brushes, tape lifters and other fingerprint consumables to be used in the visualisation of fingermarks on crime scene to the saps for a period of two (2) years. 2017-12-15 11:00 19/ 1/ 9/ 1/ 72TD(17)
Upgrade of Chiller Plant and Hvac Systems 2018-01-26 12:00 MTK17/ 2017
Appointment of a short term insurance brokerage service provider for a period of three (3) years. 2018-01-08 11:00 ICASA 21/ 2017
Supply compressor medical air machine (capacity :60 L.P.M.) X01 2017-12-05 11:00 ZNQ 504/ 17/ 18