Tender Experience - Do I need it?

3 May 2016

A regular question asked is “I am interested in registering a CC, specifically to apply for government tenders. I don't have any experience in business let alone in tendering, so I want to find out if one can be awarded a tender if he/she does not have specific experience?”


Tenders and subcontracting

25 Apr 2016

Did you know tenders and subcontracting go hand in hand. In fact, subcontracting part of a tender is so common in South Africa that there are specific rules regulating subcontracting in executing tenders especially Government tenders.


Compiling your tender response

19 Apr 2016

When responding to Private as well as Private Sector tenders, experience has taught that the system and steps explained below have worked the best. These are simple and easy to replicate and worth following when compiling your tender response.


New Tax Clearance Measures

11 Apr 2016

It is well known fact that if you want to respond to tenders in South Africa, either for Public or Private Sector tenders, you have to submit an original - and valid - Tax Clearance Certificate together with your tender response.


Central Supplier Database Registration - From 1 April 2016 Onwards

6 Apr 2016

The transitional period for registering on the Central Supplier Database expired on 1 April 2016. During the transitional period private business owners had to ensure that they were registered on the CSD should you want to do business with a Government entity. On the other side of the coin, all accounting officers and authorities of Government had to managed their own supplier database and ensure that they were accurate and valid in order to be migrated to the Central Supplier Database.


Tender misconceptions in South Africa

15 Mar 2016

There are many wonderful stories of companies that won tenders in the Public as well as the Private Sector plus some horrible ones of how things can go wrong.  However, two of the most common misconceptions regarding tenders and the tender process in South Africa are:  

1. All tenders are awarded fraudulently:


Acts governing the South African tender environment - PPPFA

8 Mar 2016

There appears to be a serious lack of knowledge regarding South African tender procedures. Here, the tender processes are ruled by various Acts, Regulation and Guidelines which are specifically designed to ensure that the tender processes are in line with the Constitution of South Africa - which dictates that the tender process should be fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost-effective.


Rules and Guidelines for Government Accounting Authorities

1 Mar 2016

It is important to know that when you respond to a tender there are certain guidelines that Government Officials need to follow in order to evaluate your tender. According to the Implementation Guide*, Accounting Officers and Accounting Authorities of all public entities** and municipal entities must comply with the rules and guidelines stipulated below.


5 reasons why Joint Ventures fail

15 Feb 2016

Joint ventures are collaborative arrangements where two or more businesses decide to collaborate for a common purpose such as bidding for a tender.


Open and effective competition when bidding

8 Feb 2016

If one looks at the General Procurement Guidelines that National Treasury issued to Government Departments, it is clear that Government wants the tender process to be fair, equitable, transparent, competitive and cost-effective exactly as Section 217 of the Constitution of South Africa requires.



Title Closing Date Tender No.
Various improvements to Melkbos and Philadelphia waste water treatment works. 2018-06-04 10:00 285Q/2017/18
Maintenance of DOE Schools in Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Municipality in the Eastern Cape Province -Winterberg SSS in Uitenhage 2018-05-21 12:00 CDC/ 54/ 18
Supply, print and delivery of promotional and informational products to the South African Police Service for a period of two (02) years 2018-05-28 11:00 19/ 1/ 9/ 1/ 93 TA (17)
Construction of Akacia Medical Facility in Zone 3 2018-05-21 12:00 CDC/ 169/ 18
Provision of security services. 2018-06-08 11:00 MLM/CORP/02/2017/18
Maintenance of Doe Schools in Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Municipality in the Eastern Cape Province -Nomathamsanqa PS in Despatch 2018-05-21 12:00 CDC/ 53/ 18
Provision of courier services 2018-05-08 11:00 FSB2017/ 18- T030
Maintenance of Doe Schools in Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Municipality in the Eastern Cape Province -Alex Jayiya Ps in Kwanobuhle, Uitenhage 2018-05-21 12:00 CDC/ 51/ 18
Providing SAQA with Disaster Recovery(DC) and Business Continuity Hosting and Support Service 2018-05-16 11:00 SAQA 0003/ 18 IT
Request for the Renewal of Mimecast licenses for KwaZulu-Natal Department of Co-operative Governance & Traditional Affairs. 2018-05-11 11:00 RFB 1718/ 2017
Provision of Security Services at Cost Centre Portshepstone, Harding Camp, Marburg Camp, Dweshula Camp, Morrisson Camp, Mzinto Top & Bottom Camp, CCPS Office and Hostel. 2018-05-24 11:00 ZNB 1419/ 17 T
The South African Social Security Agency Hereby Invites Independent Medical Doctors and Firms and Management of Medical Doctors to Submit an Expression of Interest to be Included on SASSA’s Database of Suppliers in Eastern Cape Region. 2018-05-18 11:00 SASSA: 01/ 18/ GA/ EC
Request for Service Provider/S to Conduct a Feasibility Study And Business Case for a Robben Island Interpretation Centre Being with a Museum on the Mainland for the Broader Interpretation of Robben Island World Heritage Site 2018-05-25 11:00 RIM EST 02- 2018 / 2019
Supply and install ironer number 03 drive pulley bearing 2018-05-07 11:00 118MNT/ 2017/ 18
Invitation to an open tender for the design, supply, installation and certification of fire sprinkler system at building A8 within automotive supplier park situated at Rosslyn (North of Pretoria). 2018-05-30 11:00 AIDC _T01/ 2018
Appointment of a service provider to provide mimecast maintenance and support services to the NPA for a period of three (3) years 2018-05-28 11:00 NPA 02- 18/ 19
Invitation to legal practitioners to form part of a panel that will provide legal services to ECSA for a period of twenty four (24) months. 2018-05-18 12:00 ECSA/ RFP01/ 2018
Security Services at Jhb Metro Region Offices - Cluster 1 & 2 for Gauteng Department of Social Development 2018-05-18 11:00 GT/ GDSD/ 067/ 2018
Pretoria: Roodeplaat Dog School: Upgrading of single quarters, construction of ablution facilities and emergency generator: Appointment of Architectural Services. 2018-05-22 11:00 PT18/ 013
Rendering of security services to GCIS 2018-05-25 11:00 RFB 001 2018 2019