Difference Between a RFI, RFQ and RFP

We are regularly asked, ‘what is the difference between a Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Quote (RFQ)’. Below is an explanation of these three requests.

According to the Government, the differences between RFQ’s, RFI’s and RFP’s are as follows:

Composition of Tender documents

By Werner van Rooyen


30 June 2014

I had the privilege to respond to a Request for Proposal document last week. The Request for Proposal was for a State Owned Company. One thing that has bothered me frequently is how bad Tender and Request for Proposal documents are compiled. This Request for Proposal that I did last week was no exception.


Title Closing Date Tender No.
Provision of security services for eThekwini Municipality for 36 months 2018-03-29 11:00 1C-36961
Provision of Psychometric Assessment Services 2018-03-19 16:00 ATNS/PYSC-ASSESSMENT/30/07/17(1)
Panel of Legal Experts 2018-03-20 11:00 CATHS'PLSP/003/2017
Appointment of a service provider to capacitate implementers on the Social and behaviour change package of services/programmes (MCC and CCE) 2018-02-26 12:00 Not Supplied
Request for Bid- Insurance Brokerage and Related Advisory Services. 2018-03-07 12:00 ECDC/ELN/09/022018
Appointment of a service provider to capacitate Implementers on the Social and behaviour change package of services/programmes (YOLO and FMP) 2018-02-26 12:00 Not Supplied
Offer Welding Specialist training to Majuba TVET College personnel. 2018-03-12 12:00 NTC 17/110
Non Profit Organisations (NPOs) to conduct sensitisation workshop on social and structural drivers of HiV with Traditional Leaders in nine provinces 2018-02-26 12:00 Not Supplied
Invitation to bid for construction of 800 beds/ student accommodation through sustainable Innovative Building Technology Model. 2018-03-19 10:00 Bid No: SMU/ 002/2018
Request for proposals for commercialisation of SMU property Erf JR 324, Medunsa Land. 2018-03-19 10:00 RFP No: SMU/ 002/2018
Invitation for Engineering Panel of Experts (POE) 2018-03-02 15:00 LHWP Katse Dam Ten Year Review - Engineering PoE
Invitation to express interest in participating in the Transnet Emerging Miner Allocation Process relating to the rail transportation of export coal for Emerging Miners to (i) the Richards Bay Terminal" Grin drod ("RBTG") arid (ii) the Terminal de Carved da Matoia ("TCM") 2018-02-23 12:00 Not Supplied
Request for proposals for construction of 1 500 beds/ student accommodation through Public Private Partnership. 2018-03-19 10:00 RFP No: SMU/ 003/2018
Request for proposals for commercialisation of SMU property Nederwyck Building located in Madiba Street, Pretoria. 2018-03-19 10:00 RFP No: SMU/ 001/2018
Framework contract for the construction of buildings on the Sol Plaatje Precincts in Kimberley. 2018-03-08 12:00 PMCO1-EOI
Supply Tools 2018-02-28 12:00 GD11800754
Supply and Delivery of: Cable 16mm X 4 Core Pvc Swa Pvc 600 / 1000v 2018-02-28 11:00 280852
Supply: Rake, Fork, Shovel 2018-02-28 12:00 GD11800755
One Day Training to Management / Risk Champions on Risk Management and Combined Assurance 2018-02-27 11:00 281112
Supply: Pressure tester 2018-02-28 12:00 GD11800758


Tender adjudication process

The SBD/WCBD6.1 document must form part of all bids invited.  It contains general information and serves as a claim form for preference points for Broad -Based Black Economic Empowerment (B -BBEE) Status Level of Contribution, and explains how tenders or bids are decided.

The document says:

  • The bidder obtaining the highest number of points will be awarded the contract.
  • Preference points shall be calculated after prices have been brought to a comparative basis.
  • Points scored will be rounded off to two decimal places... Read More
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