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10 Principles When Pricing Your Tender

We are often asked how to work out a tender price? But there is no straight answer because every tender is different. The fact is that a tender for the supply of furniture will have a different pricing structure to that of the supply of food for a government function. So to provide individual pricing techniques would be very difficult.

In general, there are ten points that must be considered when calculating price. These are:

The 3 Principles of Tenders in South Africa

By Werner van Rooyen

7 September 2015

Tenders in South Africa are based on three principles:

  1. Functionality
  2. Price
  3. B-BBEE


Tenders and Pricing

By Werner van Rooyen

17 March 2014

One of the most important parts of any tender is pricing.

All tender documents will tell you that it is not necessarily the lowest bid that will win the tender and that there are also other factors that influence the final decision. This might be true but be assured that you will lose more tenders than you will win if you have the highest price. Make sure you price your tender correct.

Direct and Indirect Costs: 2 items that determine tender pricing

Article by Werner van Rooyen

13 October 2014

Many bidders that respond to tenders struggle when it comes to calculating a price for a specific tender. One of the reasons for this is that a large number of small business owners are usually new to the tender process and therefore they lack the necessary experience to price their bids correctly.


Title Closing Date Tender No.
Motheo District: 24 Months Maintenance of Hot Water Generating Installations in the State Building 2018-06-12 11:00 BL18/ 008
The Supply and Delivery of Dry Rations, Soups, Spreads and Preserves to the Department of Defence (West Coast area). 2018-10-25 11:00 SPSC- B- 009- 2018
Provision of Hazardous Waste Management(Collection and Disposal) for Lepelle Northern Water 2018-06-18 11:00 LNW 13/ 17/ 18
Supply a Connectivity Solution for the Department of Home Affairs for a period of 36 months. 2018-06-08 11:00 RFB 1741/ 2018
Supply ,delivery,installation,commission and testing of a new HVAC 2018-06-08 11:00 DID 04/ 04/ 2018
The Supply and Delivery of Dry Rations, Pasta, Rusks and Biscuits and Porridges and Cereals to the Department of Defence (West Coast area). 2018-11-25 11:00 SPSC- B- 008- 2018
Supply, installation and maintenance of free standing hot and cold water dispensers and supply and delivery of bottled water to certain SARS offices, nationwide for a period of 36 months 2018-06-18 11:00 RFP 23/ 2018
Panel of Professional Valuers to provide the Housing Development Agency with the required capacity on an as and when required basis for a thirty six (36) month period 2018-06-11 11:00 HDA/ JHB/ 2018/ 002
Appointment of a Service Provider for the revision of the HDA Business Case and Orgnisational Design 2018-06-11 11:00 HDA/ JHB/ 2018/ 001
Appointment of a service provider to develop a land use management system (LUMS) for the entire Kgatelopele Local Municipality Area (wall-to-wall) for a period of ten (10) months 2018-06-01 11:00 5/ 2/ 2/ 1 NC RDLR- 0002(2018/ 2019)
Supply of new estuary vessels and trailers for SAEON. 2018-06-18 11:00 NRF/ SAEON/ ESTVESSEL/ 2018
The Supply and Delivery of Dry Rations, Juices Dried Fruit & Veg, Canned Fruit & Veg, Canned meat etc to the Department of Defence (West Coast area). 2018-10-25 11:00 SPSC- B- 007- 2018
Iziko Museums of South Africa invites suitably experienced applicants are invited to submit a tender proposal to lease the Jonkerhuis Restaurant, located in the heritage core of the Groot Constantia Wine Estate, for a period of five years. 2018-06-18 11:00 Adv/ Jonkershuis/ 05/ 2018
Appointment of a Consultant for Social Facilitation for Relocation of Marapong Hostel Residents to Altoostyd(Relocation and Post – Relocation) 2018-06-11 11:00 HDA/ LIM/ 2018/ 003
The Supply and Delivery of Wet Rations, various dairy products to the Department of Defence (West Coast area). 2018-10-11 11:00 SPSC- B- 006- 2018
Expression of interest (EOI) to participate in future tender for general repairs and maintenance to include supply, install, inspect, repair and/or replace any electrical work, building hardware, mechanical equipment service, plumbing hardware service, audio visual equipment in museum, gas combustion installation or flame burner service, facility maintenance and or/general services 2018-06-19 11:00 FP03/ 18/ CG
Appointment of a service provider at the Independent Communication Authority of South Africa for the supply nine (09) USB based real time Spectrum Analysers -6 GHZ, 40 MHZ Bandwidth on a 80/20 PPPFA 2000:Preferential Procurement Regulation, 2017. 2018-06-19 11:00 ICASA 33/ 2017
Provision of Facilities Management 2018-06-19 11:00 EWSETA007/ 2018
Appointment of a Panel of Travel Management Companies (TMCs) (appointment of three service providers) for a period of three (3) years. 2018-06-01 11:00 HSRC/ 05/ 2018/ 19
Provision of Cleaning Services 2018-06-19 11:00 EWSETA006/ 2018


Tender adjudication process

The SBD/WCBD6.1 document must form part of all bids invited.  It contains general information and serves as a claim form for preference points for Broad -Based Black Economic Empowerment (B -BBEE) Status Level of Contribution, and explains how tenders or bids are decided.

The document says:

  • The bidder obtaining the highest number of points will be awarded the contract.
  • Preference points shall be calculated after prices have been brought to a comparative basis.
  • Points scored will be rounded off to two decimal places... Read More
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