Financial Guarantees for Tenders

By Werner van Rooyen, Director of HowToTender (Pty) Ltd which specializes in tender consulting and tender training.


Title Closing Date Tender No.
Bid for the Appointment of a Service Provider for the Provision of Cloud Hosting Platform to host the Department of Employment and Labour`S Sap S4 Hana Roadmap Landscape and Support for the period of thirty six (36)months 2020-03-20 11:00 BID LAB 10/ 2019
Provision of Security Services for the Sarah Baartman District Municipality 2020-03-23 12:00 08/2020
Construction of roads and Stormwater Kliphuiwel 2020-02-28 11:00 LNM002/2019/20
Delivery of marine manufacturing related accredited skills programmes 2020-03-20 12:00 RFT3296/19/02/2020YK
Upgrading of Hweleshaneng access road from gravel to tar 2020-02-27 11:00 LNM024/2019/20
Provision of on-line electronic search and information verification services for a period ending 30 June 2022 - RE-ADVERTISEMENT 2020-03-10 12:00 FORMAL TENDER: TD 03/02/2020
Supply and delivery of protective clothing (for a period ending 30 June 2022) 2020-03-09 12:00 TD:02/02/2020
Performance, Audit Readiness and Assets Management 2020-03-26 12:00 10/02/2020
Expression of Interest for Road Over Rail Bridge Designs and Project Management in Ward 2 2020-03-05 12:00 12/02/2020
Expression of Interest For Road Link Designs and Project Management In Ward 2 2020-03-04 12:00 11/02/2020
Re-Advertisement: Service Provider to Install Hydraulic Equipment on the Refuse Truck 2020-02-27 12:00 RFQ/889
Provision of security services for Majuba Rail Project 2020-03-17 10:00 MPPPSC001151
Provision of Internal Audit Services for a three (3) year period, renewable up to five (5) years based on performance - (Re-advertisement) 2020-02-28 14:00 BID-PAC/IA/2020
Quotation for the Renewal of Enterprise Risk Management Software License 2020-02-26 11:00 KCDM/Quote/06/2020
Provision of Cleaning and Gardening Services at Leeuhof, Vereeniging, Bijlkor and Meyerton for the period of twenty four (24) months Place where Goods, Works or Services are required: Leeuhof, Vereeniging, Bijlkor and Meyerton. 2020-03-10 10:00 RFP HOAC-HO-31331
Supply & Delivery Of 315mm Dia Class 12 Socketed Upvc Pipe In 6m Lengths 2020-02-27 11:00 GQ02202434
Supply & Delivery Of 250mm Dia Class 9 Socketed Upvc Pipe In 6m Lengths. 2020-02-27 11:00 GQ02202434
RFQ for the supply and delivery of office furniture at various Transnet Freight Rail offices 2020-03-05 10:00 CRAC-JHB-32375
Supply & Delivery Of 315mm Upvc Class 16 Repair Coupling. (Double Or Kimberley Socket. 2020-02-27 11:00 GQ02202435
Supply & Delivery Of 315mm Class 16 Avk Or Similar Socketed Rsv Gate Valve, Fbe Coated, Cap/Top Left Hand Closing. 2020-02-27 11:00 GQ02202435


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