5 ways to find available tenders

By W van Rooyen


3 November 2014

We often get asked by business owners where can they find tenders that are currently available. Although we are not in the business of finding available tenders, our Tender Manual does have a chapter that deals with finding available tenders.

Due to the high demand for this I have decided to advise you on five different ways to find available tenders.

1. News Papers


Title Closing Date Tender No.
Supply; delivery; installation and commissioning of two (2) complete Gas Chromatograph systems required by the toxicology section of the Forensic Chemistry Laboratory (FCL) Pretoria. 2018-05-21 11:00 NDOH 02/ 2018- 2019
Appointment of a legal advisor that specialises in Intellectual Property (IP) to provide The Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) with a legal opinion on an IP claim and to determine the value if such a claim is determined to exist. 2018-05-11 11:00 DAC 02/ 18- 19
Middelburg & Surrounding Area: Term Contract for Operation & Maintenance of Water Care Facilities. 2018-05-22 11:00 PET08/ 2018
Full Blood Count; Heamatocrit; Bloodsmear Evaluation; Total Protein; Albumin; Globulin; Urea; Creatinine; Cholesterol; Aspartate Transaminase; Alanine Transaminase; Alkaline Phosphate; Professional Time (drawing blood); Lab Consumables (blood vials, siringes, needles etc.); Haemoglobin; Mean Corpuscular Volume; Mean Corpuscular Haemoglobin; Travel expenses per km. Quantity: 3 fish (per item). 2018-04-27 11:00 RFQ000233
14 SAI Battalion: Replacement of Kitchen Equipment 2018-05-11 11:00 MTH 08/ 2018
Multi function printer bid for 2018-2020. 2018-05-14 14:00 CBRTA/ HO/ 0043
Appointment of a catering Management Company to provide canteen and catering services for the council for Geoscience for a period of three (3) years. 2018-05-22 11:00 CGS- 2018- 007
Invitation to service providers for the procurement of a Business Process Management (BPM) tool. 2018-05-03 11:00 CIPC BID NUMBER: 34/ 2017/ 2018
Cash in transit service 2018-05-02 11:00 ZNQ 02/ 18- 19
Appointment of a service provider for procurement of Security Company to provide security guarding services for a period of three (3) years. 2018-05-11 11:00 HSRC/ 09/ 2017/ 18
The supply and delivery of a Concurrent Health Assessment System. 2018-05-25 11:00 CPSC- B- M- 002- 2018
Security Services at Traffic Camera Office, No 4 Aubrey Road Pinetown 3600. 2018-05-21 11:00 ZNB 1428/ 17T
Outsourcing of Sanitary Hygiene Services at Defence Works Formation Headquarters Unit for a Period of Two (02) Years. 2018-05-24 11:00 CPSC- B- PC- 005- 2018
The Appointment of a Service Provider for the purchasing, delivery and commissioning of the Protein/Nitrogen Analyser in the analytical services north laboratory in Pretoria for the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. 2018-05-11 11:00 2/ 18
Supply and Installation of 24 Lifts and upgrade of 2 lifts at Steve Biko Academic Hospital. 2018-05-04 11:00 DID 05/ 04/ 2018
Major service of medical gas plant. 2018-04-27 11:00 ZNQ 010/ 18/ 19
Appointment of a service provider to provide telephonic interpretation services and ad-hoc services 2018-05-11 11:00 DHA07- 2018
C1080: The periodic maintenance of DR1064, DR1065, DR1067, DR1069 and the development of 1053- Stellenbosch area, 0. 2018-05-24 11:00 S015/ 18
The rehabilitation of Main Road P522-1 from KM 28,5 TO KM 37,0 and the construction of headwalls from KM 37,0 TO KM 58. 2018-05-24 11:00 ZNT 4116/ 17 T
Provision of Routine and Safety Maintenance on various Roads within Hlanganani Zone 4- Hlanganani Area Office- Grade 7CE. 2018-05-17 11:00 ZNT 4033/ 16T


Tender adjudication process

The SBD/WCBD6.1 document must form part of all bids invited.  It contains general information and serves as a claim form for preference points for Broad -Based Black Economic Empowerment (B -BBEE) Status Level of Contribution, and explains how tenders or bids are decided.

The document says:

  • The bidder obtaining the highest number of points will be awarded the contract.
  • Preference points shall be calculated after prices have been brought to a comparative basis.
  • Points scored will be rounded off to two decimal places... Read More
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