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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Functionality Scoring Rules

The new Draft Preferential Procurement Regulations 2016 make provision for new Functionality Scoring rules. An Organ of State will indicate in the tender documents if the tender will be evaluated on Functionality, however, most of the tenders will be. It is stipulated in the new Draft Preferential Procurement Regulations 2016, that the evaluation criteria should be objective, giving enterprises/companies a fair chance in being able to advance to the next phase of evaluation, namely Price and B-BBEE.

The tender document will usually specify the evaluation criteria for measuring functionality. It will also state the following:

  • The points available for each criteria and, if any, each sub-criteria;
  • The minimum qualifying score needed to advance. Normally the threshold will be between 65% and 85% out of 100%;

An Organ of State will declare all tenders achieving less than the set threshold non-responsive and those tender responses will not qualify for evaluation on Price and B-BBEE.

It must be stated that when an Organ of State set the minimum qualifying scores for Functionality it:

  • Must not be generic;
  • Must be determined separately for each tender;
  • May not be so low that it jeopardise the quality of the required goods or services; and
  • May not be so high that is unreasonable to achieve.

All tenders that score the minimum qualifying score for functionality must be evaluated further in terms of Price and B-BBEE in accordance with the Preferential Procurement Regulations 2016.

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Title Closing Date Tender No.
Once off Removal of the existing Co2 Gas Cylinders then supply, delivery and installation of the new Inert Gas Suppression. 2018-06-22 10:00 ERI/2018/STR/06
Replacement of vertical mixers at various ERWAT WWCW: Manufacture, supply, deliver, install & commission. 2018-06-22 12:00 ERW201708/TNDR-015
Appointment of an Electrical Engineering Consultant for Review and Development of Bulk Service Contribution fee Formula for Electrical Infrastructure for 2018/19; 2019/20 and 2020/21 financial year on an as and when required basis 2018-06-21 12:00 BS12/04/2018
Transport of containerised waste from Klapmuts and Franschhoek for a contract period ending 30 June 2021. 2018-06-22 12:00 B/SM 93/18
Civil Maintenance of Eskom Buildings in Standerton and Thuthukani on an “as and when required basis” 2018-06-26 10:00 MPGXC005166
Provision of Consulting Electrical Engineering Services to Conduct a Study, Design and Project Management to ensure that Mhluzi Area Has Firm Supply Without Compromising Other Areas 2018-06-06 12:00 BS13/04/2018
Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of a new Automated Test Bench for Coach Business. 2018-06-26 10:00 TE18-SRX-1DF-03218
Supply & deliver Glue Stick Large 22 Gram.Pritt or approved equal 2018-05-30 11:00 SQ05181206
Supply and services contract no. 6 of 2018 – section 11. Provision of a general cleaning and garden service at the Municipal Market, Pietermaritzburg. 2018-06-26 12:00 SUPPLY AND SERVICES CONTRACT No. 6 OF 2018 – SECTION 11
Erection of library furniture: Rudolf Balie library 2018-05-24 12:00 B946/207/18
The construction of Wisani Primary School. 2018-05-27 10:00 MPGXC004909R
Supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of CCTV and panic alarm systems at the Pietermaritzburg airport. 2018-06-27 12:00 SPECIALISED CONTRACT No. SCM 63 OF 17/18
Tender for the provision of catering services for events in the local municipalities of King Cetshwayo District for the period ending 30 June 2021. 2018-06-27 12:00 KCDM/12/2018
The supply of veterinary services for the treatment of sick or injured dogs And / Or Dog food and other accessories at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station on an as and when required basis for 3 years. 2018-06-28 10:00 KBG1841R
Supply: gloves 2018-05-30 10:00 GA11800697
Supply Boots 2018-05-30 10:00 GA11800695
Supply Fuser units for samsung scx8240 2018-05-25 11:00 GM11800764
Supply Hp laser jet d7h14a transfer and roller kit 2018-05-25 11:00 GM11800765
Supply: Bond paper 2018-05-25 11:00 GM11800756
(Re-Advert) - Calling for Tenders for Construction Work Package 3- Refurbishment of Secondary Sedimentation Tanks and Horizontal Aerators - Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Works 2018-06-19 12:00 BS02/04/2018


Tender adjudication process

The SBD/WCBD6.1 document must form part of all bids invited.  It contains general information and serves as a claim form for preference points for Broad -Based Black Economic Empowerment (B -BBEE) Status Level of Contribution, and explains how tenders or bids are decided.

The document says:

  • The bidder obtaining the highest number of points will be awarded the contract.
  • Preference points shall be calculated after prices have been brought to a comparative basis.
  • Points scored will be rounded off to two decimal places... Read More
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