Extended Title: 
Consultancy to provide media and communications advisory support for the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) business forum and the AFCFTA Civil Society Forum

Tender Summary
African Union Commission (AUC)
Tender reference: 
AUC /TID/C/001
Communication, Public Relations and Advertising
Research, Consultancy and Professional Services
Closing Date: 
Friday, May 3, 2019 - 15:00
Issue Date: 
Friday, April 12, 2019 - 16:00
Eastern Cape
KwaZulu Natal
North West
Northern Cape
Western Cape
Free State

Tender Description

Consultancy to provide media and communications advisory support for the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFCFTA) business forum and the AFCFTA Civil Society Forum

Tender number: AUC /TID/C/001

Closing date and time: May 3, 2019 at 15:00

1.0 Introduction
The following Terms of Reference is for the engagement of an external consultancy to the African Union Commission’s Trade & Industry Department (DTI). The Consultancy will provide media and communication advisory support in the preparation and facilitation of the 2ndAfCFTA Business Forum and the AfCFTA Civil Society Forum. The Forums take place on the margins of the 13th Extraordinary Summit of the African Union Heads of State and government.

The maiden edition of the AfCFTA Business Forum successfully took place on March 20th, 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda on the eve of the historic signing of The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) by 44 of the AU member states. The Forum brought together Heads of States, key policy-makers and private sector leaders from across the continent in dialogue on the opportunities and challenges of intra-Africa trade through the AfCFTA. The first edition of the AfCFTA Business Forum was successful in providing a platform for multistakeholders to exchange views on the continent’s economic transformation through trade. This led to the institutionalization of the Forum as an annual event, to take place on the side-lines of Session of the African Union Summits.

The AfCFTA is a trade deal that puts the African people at its centre. It is a developmental FTA that is aimed at bringing transformational change to the African people by contributing to solving some of their major challenges such us unemployment through job creation as well as creating economic space for women and youth empowerment through participation in business. Given this scenario, the participation of the Civil Society in the implementation of the AfCFTA and other processes is tremendously key.

The Forums will feature speeches, Davos-style discussion panels, presentations, and key announcements such as MoUs and report launches. In addition to the Business the Forums will be attended by high-level government officials including Heads of States, representatives from the private sector, civil society, academia, parliamentarians, Chief Executives of Regional Economic Communities (RECs), development partners and the international media. The events will provide an ideal framework for stakeholder mobilization to harness the opportunities offered by the AfCFTA agenda.

The Forums are aimed at bringing trade business persons and the Civil Society more deeply into the main agenda of the African Union as it meets to discuss the continent’s progress and development. The main aim of the consultancy is to help craft and deliver a marquee event in the calendar of policy-makers and private sector influencers.

2.0 Background and Context of the AfCFTA Business and Civil Society Forums
History was made on March 21st, 2018 in Kigali, Rwanda when, after two years of intense negotiations among African Union Member States consensus was achieved and the African Continental Free Trade Area was signed by 44 countries. The AfCFTA will be a major driver towards achieving Agenda 2063, The African Union’s (AU) long-term framework for enhancing “an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the international arena.” The African Continental Free Trade Area was identified as the pillar for “accelerating progress towards continental unity and integration for sustained growth, trade, exchanges of goods, services, free movement of people and capital.”

In September 2015, the United Nations (UN) launched a new development compact, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with specific targets for eliminating extreme poverty. Similarly, the African Ministers of Finance and Economy in March 2016, called for an integrated approach to the AU and SDG agendas monitored through one consolidated result framework. There is now a consensus among African countries and the international community to use trade as a tool for economic transformation and poverty eradication.

The Agenda 2063 10-year Implementation Plan amongst other important priorities for the continent includes several flagship projects. The AfCFTA is one of these projects as defined in AU Assembly Decision 394 of January 2012, on Boosting Intra-African Trade (BIAT) and fast tracking the establishment of the AfCFTA. Through the AfCFTA, intra-African trade is expected to double between 2012 and 2022, intra-African agricultural trade to triple by 2025 (Malabo Declaration of June 2014).

In particular there is an important role for all stakeholders, including the private sector and civil society, to play in implementing, monitoring and evaluating the Boosting Intra African Trade /AfCFTA agenda. These Forums therefore the bespoke platform tailored for key stakeholders to engage on the key issues around the AfCFTA and intra-Africa trade expansion and development.

2.1 Objectives of the AfCFTA Business and Civil Society Forums
The Forums will provide a comprehensive, integrated and inclusive platform for dialogue between various stakeholder groups in trade – including public officials, parliamentarians, private sector and civil society - on Africa’s current intra-Africa trade agenda and the development of the AfCFTA. They will also provide networking opportunities for the private sector and high level public-sector officials as well as other stakeholder groups in the unique milieu of the African Union Summit.

Specifically, the Business Forum will:
i. Enable high-level exchange of views between business leaders, representatives of African Union Member States, Regional Economic Communities and their international partners on how African countries can foster economic integration including through the AfCFTA that could enhance transformation as mandated by the AU’s Agenda 2063.
ii. Facilitate a platform for private sector, RECs, member states and other stakeholders to exchange views on how to prioritize the AfCFTA as part of a coherent and consistent package that encompasses the multilateral and bilateral trade agenda as well as share experience on the AfCFTA’s effective implementation.
iii. Provide a platform for African trade stakeholders to define their contribution to the AfCFTA as well as reflect on how their existing trade capacity building programs can be mobilized in support of the AfCFTA initiative.
iv. Provide a platform for peer-to-peer learning among the private sector, based on best practices for private sector-led initiatives in support of Africa’s structural transformation.
v. Provide an opportunity for a broader stakeholder group to celebrate and build on the historic milestone of Africa’s first continent-wide free trade area.

Whilst the Civil Society Forum will aim at
(i) Building a common understanding of the AfCFTA for the African Civil Society
(ii) Exploring structured engagement and collective action in promoting an allinclusive implementation of the AfCFTA
(iii) Promoting and strengthening partnerships and synergies between the civil society governments the private sector

2.2 Structure of the AfCFTA Business Forum
Both Forums will be one day events that will focus on the coming together of private sector and policy makers one hand, and Civil Society and policy makers - as well as other key stakeholder groups. The day will encompass a combination of plenary sessions; speeches, presentations and including breakfast, lunch and dinner events. The main focus will be on African trade priorities. Each plenary session will be facilitated by an experienced moderator and will have keynote speakers including Heads of State, followed by a high-level panel discussion by renowned practitioners and/or experts in their respective areas

Opportunities will be available for participants to field questions and input interventions. The sessions will afford comprehensive exchange of views between stakeholders. Opportunities will also exist for sponsors to support a breakfast, lunch and/or dinner event that will provide further platforms for the discussion of critical issues for African transformation and sustainable development through trade.
Following the tradition of the 1st edition of the AfCFTA Business Forum where four sitting Presidents joined panels, Heads of States will again be encouraged again to join the panels as both keynote speakers and panellists.

2.3 Participation
The programmes will be attended by representatives from key trade constituencies in Africa and from around the world. These will include policy-makers, high-level government officials, private sector operators, civil society, parliamentarians, development partners, academics, researchers, RECs, corridor management institutions and both Pan-African and international media.

2.4 Expected Outcomes
The expected outcomes is to use the Forums to enhance and articulate the respective work required for the effective implementation of the AfCFTA and Agenda 2063 from all stakeholders.

Forums are expected to enable participants to develop a clearer understanding of the AfCFTA and the role it will play as a vehicle for increasing intra-African trade, poverty reduction and deepening integration; and establish a symbiotic linkage between the AfCFTA and trade facilitation, with a particular emphasis on trade facilitation as a key tool for ensuring successful implementation of the AfCFTA.

More specifically, the programme for the Forums are expected to:-
(i) Further the agenda for effectively implementing the AfCFTA and the BIAT.
(ii) Build synergies, linkages and complementarities between the stakeholder groups with vested interests in the AfCFTA.
(iii) Ensure parliamentarians, private sector, and civil society have a better understanding of the AfCFTA and its coherence with the African structural transformation agenda.
(iv) Strengthen the development of a Pan-African platform that facilitates capacity development and harness parliamentarians, private sector and civil society contribution to the process.

3.1 Objectives of the Consultancy

The objective of the assignment is to provide Media and Communication advisory support to AUC DTI in finalizing and operationalizing the 2nd Edition of the AfCFTA Business Forum as well as Institutionalizing the AfCFTA Civil Society Forum. Both Forums are expected to take place in Niamey Niger in July 2019. The Consultancy support will be targeted and will compliment DTI’s ongoing work.

3.2 Scope of Work
The Consultancy will primarily support the AUC’s Trade and Industry Department in the delivery of the Forums. The scope of work will include the following:
i. Pre-production, production and post-production support and guidance for DTI in crafting and delivering the event and the programme for the
ii. Support and guidance in crafting the ‘positioning documents’ and concept notes to be used for the events. These will also be adapted for use in all communications including: AUC/DTI speeches, the programmes, media engagement and speaker engagement.
iii. Employing experience and understanding of conference events and management- as well as technical and other contacts - to help craft dynamic AfCFTA Business and Civil Society Forum, so as to create a higher profile event.
iv. Provide strategic production support during the event drawn from expert past experience as well as considerations and relations built over the planning stages - to include floor management, speaker handling, and scouting resurgent issues and messages.
v. Identify and engage moderators for the events.
vi. Support and guidance in identifying high-profile speakers, panellists and celebrity delegates. This includes advising on the best contributors who will raise the profile of the Forums.
vii. Advise on the strategic speech texts and messaging that will be used by the AU Commissioners and other AUC officials at the event
viii. Provide advice for the DTI strategy documents for the events.

3.3 Required Consultant Profile
The assignment will be undertaken by Senior Consultant who is expected to have the following skills and experience profile:

  • Education Qualification
    • University degree(s) in a relevant subject (i.e. Project Management, Business Communication, Journalism, Business Economics, International Trade and Development).
  • Work Experience
    • Minimum of 10 years’ professional experience in the area of strategic media and Communication advisory consultancy including events, and project management.
    • Experience in leading events for public sector institutions, including on high-level initiatives related to regional integration and/or trade.
    • A proven track record in providing event support of this kind.
    • An understanding of African economic issues and a demonstrable interest in intra-regional trade on the continent.
    • Strong network of contacts in both the African and international business.
    • Experience with African Union events, programs and processes will be an added advantage
  • Required Skills
    • Excellent analytical and communication skills.
    • Excellent writing skills.
    • Excellent written and spoken English.

3.4 Reporting
The Consultant will provide the above services, and will provide progress updates on a regular basis as requested by the DTI manager. During the assignment, the Consultant will report to the Director of Trade and Industry, with the Commissioner for Trade and Industry providing overall supervision.

3.5 Assignment Management and Administration
The Consultancy is ultimately responsible for the delivery of the outlined assignment and reporting to DTI. Day-to-day technical supervision of the assignment will be provided by the Director for Trade and Industry supported by the AfCFTA Unit Chief Technical Advisor.

3.6 Duration of contract
The consultancy will be engaged for a period of 8 weeks. i.e commencing 5 weeks before the AfCFTA Business and Civil Society Forums

3.7 Timings & Outputs
The assignment is expected to commence on 1st June 2019 and will be completed by the end of July 2019. The majority of the work will be desk-based, but there will be a requirement for travel of a minimum of 2 trips to Ethiopia to the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa and the Niamey, Niger, the host country for the event) , exact timing of this is to be agreed with AUC DTI.

The expected deliverables for this Consultancy are as follows:-
i. An Inception Report detailing the Plan of Action to be presented 2 weeks after the commencement of the Consultancy
ii. A final Report after the Business Forum, highlighting the major outcomes of the event including major recommendations and messages as well as areas that will require further improvement in the organization of successive AfCFTA Forums.

3.8 Consultancy Fees
A fixed sum of USD 45,000, is envisaged as the total consultancy fees for this assignment. The payment will be phased in accordance with the various stages of the assignment and is inclusive of all assignment costs and profits as well as tax obligations that may be imposed on the Consultant. It also includes all travel Costs envisaged herein.

The Consultant is expected to be paid 50% of the full fees upon successful presentation of the Initial Report with the remaining 50% to be paid at the end of the Consultancy Period.

4.0 Invitation
The African Union Commission now invites eligible Individual Consultants to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested candidate must provide information demonstrating that he/she has the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. Consulting firms may propose individual consultant, but only the experience and qualifications of individual shall be used in the selection process, and that his or her corporate experience shall not be taken into account, and the contract would be signed with the proposed individual.

4.1 Evaluation and qualification criteria
For evaluation of the CV and proposal the following criteria will be applied:
a. General Education Qualification and Relevant Training of the Consultant (20 Points);
b. Experience in undertaking similar assignments (30 points);
c. Technical approach and methodology (40 points)
d. Work plan (10 points)

Interested Individual Consultants are requested to submit the following documents for AUC’s consideration as part of their proposal.
a) Technical Proposal on:

  • CV of the Individual Consultant
  • Understanding and interpretation of the TOR
  • Methodology to be used in undertaking the assignment
  • Detailed work plan

Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours 8:00-13:00hrs and 14:00-17:00 hours Local Time.

Proposal must be delivered in a written form to the address below not later than 15:00 hours local time, on May 3, 2019.

African Union Commission,
Attn: Carine Toure Yemitia (Mrs.)
Head of Procurement Travel and Store Division
Building C, Room 327
P.O.Box 3243, Roosevelt Street
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel: +251 (0) 11 551 7700 – Ext 4305
Fax: +251 (0) 11 551 0442; +251 11-551-0430
E-mail: tender@africa-union.org

see: https://www.sa-tenders.co.za/sites/default/files/_2._reoi_-_consultancy_...

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